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picture25Again, at some bar Dennis Rodman had shown people just how much better off he would be as a professional basketball player. Just recently, the heavily tattooed basketball players was seen singing his heart out, complete with the gaudy outfit and God knows what else on his body.

People were quiet (polite) and just listened to the old basketball player do his thing up front. But judging from the way people squirmed, they didn’t like the performance one bit. It seems that being Dennis Rodman doesn’t really improve your voice.

picture24Whoever said that no star could end up collecting garbage for one reason or another? That’s precisely what Michelle Rodriguez had done because she was able to violate a court ruling. The cute Latin American Hollywood baby was sighted doing her spot of good old community service in a service highway in Los Angeles.

She didn’t look too happy, but she did look kind of hat in that regulation outfit that we usually see on middle aged folks who are nearing retirement. Hey, the orange hard hat actually looks good!

picture23In a recent sojourn to a club, Amanda Bynes was on the offensive when some drunk dude approached her to give her some long stemmed roses. The feisty, pretty actress told the guy off, saying that she wanted nothing to do with people she didn’t know.

Since the guy was really, really drunk (and probably just love struck with Amanda’s eyes and whatever) all was forgiven.

Remember guys, the rule is hand’s off for all those who want Amanda Bynes. She’s strictly for people “she knows” what ever that might mean.

picture22In a recent interview, Brad Pitt denied that he had ever run his motorcycle past a clear, clear STOP light. At least the man was courageous enough to say that he didn’t, as opposed to certain speculations that he did because he wasn’t able to see the stop light because a large delivery truck was obstructing his view.

The truck in question was a gigantic UPS truck that carried mail and what not. With the height in question and the relative size of a regular motorcycle, what do you think?

picture21Who would forget old Victoria Spice of the phenomenal Spice Girls? Just recently, the woman had been seen with what seemed to be an old aviator costume tucked away for quite some time in the basement.

Nonetheless, she is still the Beckham girl and no one can contest that. With their marriage going strong, it seems that Victoria has really gotten the world on the palm of her hands.

That’s a very nice cap by the way, but it seems that she’s carrying what appears to be… a furry grey garbage bag?

picture20LL Cool Jay was recently interviewed by some paparazzi about whether being struck in the face by a gay person would be something life-changing. What do you think Mr. Cool Jay said?

The response was actually surprising, since the man just laughed heartily, scratched his bonneted head and said that such a thing would only serve to expand his options in life. What in the world does that mean? Is this man trying to suggest something or what? Well, if Mr. LL Cool Jay does decide to hit the stream in three different directions, that’s just fine with us.

picture19Alright, did you know what exactly happened to old Rihanna when Chris Brown struck her? Well, aside from the usual stream of tears that we usually reserve for very bad renditions of The Third Reich, Rihanna was actually advised by a district judge to go ahead and charge Brown for criminal offenses.

And to add to this, Brown was a bit unrepentant about the whole brouhaha. Seems like the fame really does get to some people’s heads. Nonetheless, the couple seems to be okay now. We just hope that this is the last of this.

picture18If you think Michael Jackson was a bit weird (alright, that’s a bit of an understatement but we’re going to stick with it), get a load of his fans. When old king of pop and sway appeared in a theater in Drury, the people around the old man just went ballistic at the sight of the pop star.

Everyone was screaming and wanting to touch old Jacko. Is that creepy or what? And to add to this, Jack was actually quite helpless in fending off all the attention.

picture17Newlyweds Tom and Gisele Brady were seen trashing some flowers after their nice wedding. Does this speak volumes of what’s going to happen to this particularly cute couple?

We don’t know, but we’re thinking this: most newly wed couples are just stoked of their new state as hubby and wife that they try to preserve the nice flowers for as long as they can in watered vases.

But as for this couple, they seem to be more concerned about the potentially cluttering effects of the flowers. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

picture16Just kidding. At the John F. Kennedy aiport, rapper Kanye West had been spotted hurrying to the restroom- and his girlfriend did the same thing. Seems that the two lovebirds had been hit hard at the same time and were just absolutely anxious to get to the comfort room.

Do you guys still remember that brouhaha that Kanye caused when he appeared three/four hours late for some show in the US? In his blog, Kanye apologized and stated that he wasn’t actually trying to be a pain in the backside. We’re guessing that he’s just being his natural self.